Easter Camp


Summer comes early at our Easter Campus. During the easter holidays, from Monday to Thursday, we offer a Nautical Campus for all children who want to enjoy, discover, get wet, learn, try new experiences and make friends!

The Campus includes the following activities:

Sailing (in a collective boat), Paddle Surfing, Kayaking, Windsurfing, Sailing (in a two person boat), Rafting and marine workshops.

Schedule and price

     From monday to Thursday from 9 to 17h

     179€ - Discounts: 10% for One Parent Families and Families with 3 or more kids

     It is necessary to process the annual school federation license (insurance). It has a cost of 10 € and is valid until December 31.

Optional services

Day care (8-9h or 17-18h): 10 € per week

One-off day care: € 3 per service




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