Courses for Schools


Sailing / Windsurfing / Catamaran

Introduction to sailing and skills improvement.

Our courses can be weekly, quarterly or annual and always follow the Catalan Sailing School's Standard teaching method.

We sail in different types of boats according to the student's age group and the requested program.

We can adapt to your needs.

End of the year Project

Activities related to the sea and sailing.

Sailing as a main theme and a source of knowledge: relate data, observe and apply concepts, consolidate, engage, experiment and learn.

We advise you on the preparation and design of the most appropriate end of year project for the level of common curriculum set by the school. We also provide the teachers with the most appropriate teaching activities for the achievement of the project's objectives.


Duration: To choose The service includes: 
Minimum of participants: 5 Coach
  Use of changing rooms and lockers
Suggestions: Life jacket
Trainers or deck shoes  
Sports clothes depending on the season:
  • Spring - Summer: It's necessary to bring a swimsuit, a T-shirt, a cap and a sun lotion.
  • Autumn - Winter: It's necessary to bring a waterproof jacket.
 Clothes to change  

Extraescolars from Vela Barcelona on Vimeo.