Sailing Initiation for Schools


Sailing Initiation

A two-hour excursion in a boat, accompanied by a Sailing instructor. This activity is designed for all those in the age range 6 to 18 years old). It requires no previous experience. The aim of the activity is to learn the basics of sailing and experience sailing in a boat for the first time.

Schedules: from 9:30 to 11: 30h, from 11: 30 to 13: 30h and from 14:00 to 16: 00h

We can adapt to your needs.

Sailing Initiation and Marine Workshop

This activity is complementary to the Sailing Initiation.

The student works and experiments on a specific topic of the marine environment. The workshop's main objective applies to all sea-related activities.

The selected workshops depend on the student's age and the interest that the teachers from the school might have

Knots Workshop: Learn to make the following knots: eight, flat, bowline... Learn the names and function of knots. Apply what you have learnt. Make a diagram of knots.

Weather workshop: observe, analyze and learn about the weather. Worksheet with the weather forecast for the day, trip to the harbor authorities base to colect the data from the meterological instruments and learn how to interpret it.

Orientation Workshop: Learn orientation with a compass. Worksheet with distances and orientation.

Sailor's workshop: Learn the specific vocabulary used in a port. Take a tour of the port identifying the specific words used in seamanship.

Presentation of the Sailing Initiation activity (Optional)

Briefing prior to the activity of Sailing Initiation.

A few days before the event, an instructor visits the school to present the activity and talk about how it will work (equipment, breakfast, security, ship, weather...).


Duration: 2h The service includes: 
Minimum of participants: 5 Coach
  Use of changing rooms and lockers
Suggestions: Life jacket
Trainers or deck shoes  
Sports clothes depending on the season:
  • Spring - Summer: It's necessary to bring a swimsuit, a T-shirt, a cap and a sun lotion.
  • Autumn - Winter: It's necessary to bring a waterproof jacket.
 Clothes to change  

Bateig de vela escolar from Vela Barcelona on Vimeo.